Wild cranberries
My tradition

Kaiserschmarrn with wild cranberries!
Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

I can picture my mother in front of an enormous cast iron skillet, where this delicacy would seem to be waiting only for my four sisters and me.
This image has been etched into my memory. I can still smell the slight aroma of caramelized sugar which filled the kitchen and lay over the entire house like a cape; a scent which lingers in my memories. This sweet dish was a rarity at the table. With eyes wide open, we would welcome the homemade wild cranberry marmalade served in a small bowel; one full teaspoon for everyone. You wouldn’t find anymore left. I can still hear my mother say, "Cranberries are rare." This is how cranberries became and continue to be a fixed item on the menu at St. Hubertus.

Currently, the second dish suggested on the menu is fillet of venison with crumbled potato omelette - wild cranberry and mushroom sauce

A piece of meat, vegetables and red raspberry