Lemon verbena
My passion

There is a deep dish in front of me. It’s filled with steamy barley risotto.
Its nutty aroma, warm and invigorating, reaches my nostrils. I taste it. My tongue senses a lively bouquet: mountain herbs, which have flavored the rice. It has an intense flavor.

I close my eyes. Do I like this taste?
Something is missing, something that pleasantly greets the tasteful eye with every bite. That certain something that counteracts the strong flavors of the barley and herbs, making each one jump out. Yes! This "something" is fresh, stimulating, pleasant and a bit flamboyant. It is lemon verbena.
This thin-leaved herb interacts with the risotto a bit like my enthusiasm with regards to life.

It symbolizes that passion to not become overbearing, to stay fresh and unpredictable, to stand out and always remain a bit tangy.
Yes! Life needs a bit of lemon verbena.

Risotto with grey cheese half melted and lemon verbena