Norbert lives in Brunico with his family Christine and son Thomas. Norbert who is a sincere and autochthonous delegate of his kitchen, and the topics he is interested in are so many and go beyond the topic of carrots or potatoes or a dish, both in taste and appearance. His family have inspired his decisions in the culinary world, for example, removing foie gras and international ingredients from his menu in favour of local ingredients to be clean and sustainable after the birth of his son Thomas, asking himself, “what can I teach my son?”.

His approach to running a kitchen and managing his team of chefs is unique, too. He prefers to let them discover their own talents and styles of cooking, encouraging original thinking and staying away from rigorously implemented rules. ‘I am like a football manager in the kitchen,’, ‘I know what I’m looking for, and my job is to help guide the team to the same conclusion.’

kreuter garten norbert