Norbert’s cuisine takes an ethical challenge, which is reflected in the extreme simplicity of his dishes. His cuisine is ‘simple, clean, clear’: this means that the ethical value of the dish is not pursued at the expenses of aesthetics. Quite the contrary: the chef is telling a story through such simplicity in taste, of which local produces are the main characters.

Norbert developed his project ‘Cook the Mountain’ precisely according to such intuition. Such intuition is explored both with expressive purity and as a surprise for the palate. Purity of taste and the total absence of decoration will amaze even those who are less accustomed to the mountain cuisine.

The chef is ‘naked’ and only has simple flavours to express himself with. Thus, his dishes are not allowed to contain any tricks, deceptions, or mistakes. Therefore, in a perfect balance, simplicity expresses liberty, and liberty relies on responsibility, human value, respect of time and nature.

Tisch kreuter Norbert